The University of Saint Francis faithfully relies on the financial support of passionate people like you in order to serve our divine call of equipping the best and the brightest minds with the tools they need to bring God's light into a suffering world.

We want to thank you for the opportunity to serve and invite you to partner with us by remembering the University of Saint Francis in your estate planning and joining us as a member of our Seraph Society. Membership benefits include:

Estate Planning 101

Estates aren't just for rich people! Our "estate" refers to anything in our lives for which we are legally responsible. Examples include your home and belongings, guardianship for dependents, personal and joint financial accounts, business interests, legal contracts, healthcare decisions, and charitable wishes.

For most people, the term "estate" becomes relevant around the time of a family member's death when they're no longer here to manage these responsibilities. That's why it's so important for each of us to create a complete and legal list of instructions that tells our loved ones what to do with the things we'll leave behind.

As a center for education, our goal at USF is to ensure everyone has timely access to the information, guidance, and referrals necessary to build your own estate plan the moment it becomes a priority for you and your family.

Therefore, we're proud to offer free estate planning education and counseling services to all students, staff, and faculty as well as anyone who feels called to support the mission of USF. You may choose to attend one of our monthly Estate Planning 101 classes or you can schedule a free estate planning consultation with Justin Tockey when it's convenient for you.

You may also request a copy of our free Estate Planning Guide. This helpful resource will allow you to move through the estate planning process at your own pace.

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